John R. Ilao – Vice President

John Rodriguez Ilao was born and raised in Guam. His parents, John and Andrea Ilao, started their Guam business, JMI-Edison, in 1978 and the Johndel Beach Resort, Philippines, in 1988. John received his undergraduate degree from the University of Guam in 1989 and graduated from the U.S. Army Engineer Officer School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, in 1990. He served in the U.S. Army Reserves for three years.

After his military training, he became the vice president of JMI-Edison and was responsible for Government of Guam sales at JMI-Edison for all Industrial products. In 1996, he co-founded the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility in Guam and Micronesia.
John led MRI Guam as CEO.

That same year he also spearheaded the expansion of the sales of Medical Supplies and Diagnostic Imaging systems under JMI-Edison. As the sales exponentially grew in Healthcare, he co-founded American Dialysis Center in 2007. He was responsible for the planning, construction, and installation of all the dialysis systems and related support equipment at the treatment facility.

In 2015, he received his Master of Business from Loma Linda University and, in 2018, a Master of Public Health from Loma Linda University.

In 2019 as a co-applicant/co-inventor, Mr. Ilao received his patent approval notification 10,592,564 Real-time Outage Analytics and Reliability Benchmarking system.