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Guam International Airport Authority

Prime Contractor – Siemens Electrical

Mechanical demolition and installation of new in-line and modernized baggage handling system (CTX 5500):

  • Conducted safety orientation in weekly meetings to ensure complete awareness and utilization of policies and procedures, which allowed for a positive safety culture while in the construction area. Attendance to these meetings were mandatory
  • Disassembled and removed the existing Baggage Handling System.
  • Decommissioned & uninstalled existing Baggage Screening System(CTX 5500)
  • Demolished existing power and control wiring from existing Motor Control Panels (MCPs), and field devices
  • Installed conveyors, access platforms and crossovers, screening tables and monitors in the new Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS) and checked Baggage Resolution Area (CBRA)
  • Installed control room equipment, including computer tables, monitors, UPS, server rack, and control panel
  • Designed and completed the installation of conduits and wiring from MotorControl Panels (MCP’s) to electrical motors, devices and sensors on the new Baggage Handling Conveyor System
  • Mounted field devices include, but are not limited to, motor safety disconnects, transformers, High-Speed Diverters (HSDs), Vertical SortationUnits (VSUs), control stations, distribution boxes, termination boxes, shaft encoders, photo eye sensors, etc.
  • Completed installation, including pulling, labeling, and terminating of power and control wiring, fiber optics, and communication cables