JMI•Edison’s History

JMI-Edison’s legacy began in 1978 as JMI Electrical & Air Conditioning, an electrical and air conditioning contracting company.


Founder John M. Ilao created a following by offering the best quality and reliability in service.

In 1979, the company expanded and added to the family, JMI Motor & Bearing Supply. It was to address the island’s increasing demand for new equipment including electric motors, generators, pumps and transformers.

Continuing to offer great, reliable service with top notch equipment, the two became one corporate entity as Johndel International, Inc. (Jll) in September 1986. John M. Ilao passed on his legacy to his son Ed Ilao, holder of a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Registered Professional Engineer. He continues to grow the JMI-Edison name.

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